All of IPAC’s activities revolve around preserving and sustaining our rich artistic and cultural heritage, with objectives to support traditional artists’ livelihoods, deepen patronage towards these arts and building an information hub on traditional arts in Pakistan.


Some of our flagship programs include the following:

Artist Livelihood Assistance Program (ALAP)

ALAP aims to stabilize livelihoods of artists and their families by providing performance opportunities such as the ‘Instrumental Ecstasy’ Series in 2013. It also aims to provide regular monthly stipends to selected needy artists and families of such deceased artists.

Schools of Harmony

This program focuses on instilling understanding and appreciation of diverse Pakistani performing varieties amongst school-going children, in partnership with various educational institutions in the country.

Cultural Mapping

This initiative aims to develop a database of artists, musical instruments, craftsmen, dances, songs and oral traditions in Pakistan. This will offer individual artists greater visibility and subsequent opportunities to promote their art.


To learn more about our work, please see the Activities page. (Currently under construction)